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About Lynne


Lynne has been designing gardens since 1997. She graduated in Politics and Sociology and after a career as an HR Director, trained in garden design under Professor David Stevens FSGD, before setting up her design practice in London. Her extensive portfolio includes contemporary, traditional, formal and naturalistic gardens of all sizes in London, in the country and on the coast. Her work has appeared extensively in publications at home and abroad and won a number of awards.

Lynne is a registered member of the Society of Garden Designers (SDG) and the British Association of Landscape Industries, (BALI). She is a Director on the Council of the Society of Garden Designers and proud, at present to be responsible for the Society’s prestigious awards, which celebrate excellence in garden design.


Design ethos

Lynne offers a comprehensive and personal garden design service providing her clients with tailored, innovative design solutions to produce gardens, which enhance the quality of their lives. Her work is recognisable for its innovative use of space, creative treatment of levels, strong, pared-down layout and the sensitive integration of natural materials and planting.

Lynne’s designs anchor buildings to their landscapes and link interior and exterior spaces to flow both practically and visually to create views and perspectives throughout the house. The success of each garden hinges on the consideration of proportion, scale and balance, the incorporation of elements or features unique to each garden and within this the application and interpretation of her clients’ wishes.

A distinctive feature of Lynne' s work is her evocative planting schemes. Structural planting consolidates and enhances the architecture of the garden providing year-round sculptural and three-dimensional interest. Seasonal texture, form, movement, colour and scent are furnished with the innovative use of an extensive planting palette of shrubs, herbaceous planting and bulbs, designed to complement the aesthetic of the design and to reflect client taste for colour and style.

A key element of Lynne’s approach to planting design is attention to ecological demands for biodiversity, attraction of pollinators and water conservation.


Where appropriate, Lynne collaborates with Angelica Gray - garden historian, writer and designer. With an academic background in both garden history and art history, and experience of designing gardens in England and South West France, Angelica brings her passion for gardens as cultural artefacts to her work. Her writing explores what gardens mean to us and how they have always enhanced our lives.

Angelica contributes to various magazines and journals, including ‘Hortus, ‘The Pleasure Garden and ‘The Traveller’. Her acclaimed book ‘Gardens of Marrakesh (Frances Lincoln), is the first to explore the thousand-year-old garden history of that city. She is currently working on a book about the gardens of South West France. You can catch up on her evocative garden observations in her monthly blog:


Lynne collaborates with Angelica Gray - garden historian, writer and designer. Images @


Lynne works with a range of professionals including architects, engineers, other design professionals, nurseries, specialists and artisans on a project-by-project basis to provide a flexible and bespoke service to her clients. Clients appreciate the value of bringing Lynne in at an early stage to work with architects when undertaking house renovations or new builds to ensure coherent internal/external design, a co-ordinated building programme and an integrated budget. She works closely with the best landscape contractors and nurseries to ensure immaculate quality of construction and a seamless transition from conception to completion.

The garden design and consultation process provide a framework for working closely with clients and other project professionals every step of the way. The stages are as follows:

  • Initial consultation to understand client requirements, site opportunities and consider design options.

  • Design brief and design proposals agreed upon as the starting point for the garden design.

  • Site survey is undertaken, often by professional land surveyors.

  • Concept design and outline proposals with supporting drawings and visuals.

  • Master plan and detailed drawings for construction.

  • Planting design and plant schedules.

  • Specifications if required

  • Landscape contractor is appointed (usually after the concept plan is agreed to establish costs)

  • Consultation and monitoring of the project during the construction and planting.

Planning applications are submitted as necessary.